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Cambridge Ideas is an ongoing series of short documentaries that present our cutting edge research together with comment and opinion on matters of global significance.

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Tell Me About is a channel run by three Cambridge University students. Tell Me About, interview leading experts to bring you fun, informative and digestible videos. Subscribe to keep up to date with our latest videos. Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:

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What connects a head-hunter’s trophy, a meteorite, Hercules, a painting of a Hindu temple, an ornate desk, a brass instrument, a tin of tea (unopened), an exotic orchid, a gharial, stacks of home movies and 8,000 lines of Sanskrit manuscript? The answer is India – and Cambridge. Among the many millions of objects held across the University’s eight museums, Botanic Garden, Centre for South Asian Studies, and University Library, are a huge number of wonders related to the world’s largest democracy. The stories behind some of these singular objects are being told in this 'India Unboxed' series of short films as part of a year-long celebration across the University and city of Cambridge to mark the UK–India Year of Culture 2017. The full programme of events includes exhibitions, events, discussions, installations and digital interventions.

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Cambridge University's Under the Microscope is a collection of videos that capture glimpses of the natural and man-made world in stunning close-up and convey the excitement of cutting-edge science in areas that range from beetle eyes to killer T-cells, from nano-wires to fish skeletons.