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Canada Immigration - All You Need To Know Play all

All you need to know if you are planning to move to Canada. Being an immigrant myself, I'll be sharing everything I know about Canadian Immigration to help you integrate into a new culture.

Getting a Job in Canada | Canadian Jobs Play all

In this series of videos I'll help you find a job in Canada, provide with all the tips and tricks to get you a good job. Check out this playlist to find out more.

Buying a Home in Canada | Calgary Real-Estate Play all

Everything you need to know if you are planning to buy a house in Canada. I'm currently working on my real estate license.

Life In Calgary Play all

Check out the sires of videos about Calgary. Watch to find out more about life in Calgary, different places to visit and more! Calgary is my home and my favorite city.

My Vlogs Play all

Guys, this one is for you. Traveling, Vlogging and hanging out with you.

Driving for Uber In Canada (Toronto, Montreal, Calgary) and more! Play all

Goal of this playlist is to reach out and provide you with all the relevant information that would help be a successful UBER driver in Canada. Making more money, getting higher ratings while enjoying the flexible schedule while driving for Uber in Canada. My friends drive for Uber in Toronto and all over Ontario and Canada. I drive for Uber in Calgary Alberta. In this playlist you will find all the up to date information on Uber in Canada.