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Ever wonder what Rihanna’s newest Fenty Beauty drop, or KKW’s nude collection, or MAC’s long-awaited Aaliyah line will look like on you? Each week, our beauty producer Chloe Hall calls in five different women, with five different skin tones and textures, to test out the Internet’s latest makeup craze — filter free.

Insta-Stalk | ELLE Play all

We’re all guilty of Insta-stalking: stealthily perusing IG accounts of co-workers, frenemies, exes, and otherwise, to catch up on their latest happenings. Yes, even your favorite celebs. Tune in as the stars of today’s biggest hits — like Netflix’s Queer Eye and Hilary Duff-starrer Younger — take turns Insta-stalking their castmates.

About Face | ELLE Play all

Make-up is a powerful tool when it comes to creating a persona, but what lies underneath can be just as powerful. This series showcases incredible personalities — like Cardi B, Miss Fame, and Gabby Douglas — as they discuss their everyday identity versus their stage persona, and the makeup that helps them transform.