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AJ+ Presents: Guns In America Play all

AJ+'s documentary series Guns in America explores how fear and power define Americans' relationship with guns. The six-part series examines the controversy over assault rifles, guns in schools, the rise of concealed carry, the NRA's new agenda, smart guns and record shooting rates in Chicago.

Direct From With Dena Takruri | AJ+ Play all

Join AJ+'s Dena Takruri on the front lines as she brings you stories from around the world, asking the tough questions and giving voice to the unheard.

Peru's Modern Narcos: Inside The Bloody Streets Of El Callao | AJ+ Docs Play all

AJ+’s documentary series Inside Peru's Cocaine Wars explores life and death in the Peruvian port city of El Callao, one of the world's main cocaine trafficking hubs. Here, a battle rages between international drug mafias and the young hitmen hired to do their bidding, and the law enforcement officers struggling to gain control over the city and stem the seemingly unending flow of drugs.

Puerto Rico In Crisis | AJ+ Docs Play all

Already suffering from massive debt, aging infrastructure and a brain drain crisis, Puerto Rico wasn't well prepared for the devastation wrought by Hurricane Maria on September 20, 2017. The storm tore down buildings, wiped out roads and shredded the power grid, leaving residents without access to water, power and communication. But in the weeks after, as President Trump arrived and ignited controversy with his dismissive comments and actions, many found the federal response to be lacking across the board. In this series, we trace the storm from the night it made landfall, to the recovery efforts a month later, to a future with an unstable economy and exodus to the U.S. mainland.

Alaska Natives: Our Fight to Survive | AJ+ Play all

Alaska's indigenous people have been fighting for their land since outsiders first arrived. Today, the promise of oil profits has driven a rift between those who live off the land and those who want to profit from its natural resources. This is the story of that divide.

Guns In America: What You Need To Know | AJ+ Play all

After the shooting in Las Vegas, Americans are struggling with the same questions that arose in the wake of Orlando, and Sandy Hook. We’ve put together a list of content for you to check out on the NRA, gun control laws and public health.