Grant's Nails - A Nail Biter's Journey Play all

Grant has been a nail biter for most of his life. Watch how Suzie uses Acrylic to give him beautiful new nails, that help him kick his lifetime biting habit. The two have great fun along the way!

French Technique Play all

This playlist features Suzie demonstrating the craft of creating the beautiful, and classic French Nail.

Stiletto Nails Play all

Stiletto Nails, although not practical, are so much FUNšŸ˜€ This playlist has designs featuring Stiletto Nails

Suzie's 5 Minute Mani Play all

Suzie show's how to make a quick Nail Design in 5 minutes or less

Suzie Opens Her New Nail Studio: Nail District Play all

This is a mini-reality series that shares Suzie's experience of opening her new Nail Studio: Nail District, located in Langford, Victoria British Columbia, Canada. Suzie has a lot of fun with the whole project!

Stamping Nail Designs Play all

Suzie has fun using a Stamping Pad. It's a quick technique to add deatail to your nail designs.

Christmas Nail Art Play all

With Christmas just around the corner, here's a playlist featuring Nail Art with an Xmas Theme.