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Apollo 11 50th Anniversary l Man on the Moon l ABC News Play all

On July 16, 1969, the trio lifted into space aboard the Apollo 11 and then entered a lunar orbit. By the next day, Armstrong and Aldrin, aboard the lunar module Eagle, had separated from Collins who remained in the command module. And on July 20, 1969, Americans and the staff at Apollo Mission Control in Houston, Texas, watched and listened in amazement as Armstrong and then Aldrin placed their feet on the moon's surface. 50 Years Later: The Apollo 11 experiment that's still sending data from the moon https://abcn.ws/2ly2TN4 50 Years Later: Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit on display for 1st time in more than a decade https://abcn.ws/2XIV9tL Revisiting the heart-stopping moments before Apollo 11 landed on the moon with the world watching https://abcn.ws/2YTj0Dv What awaited the astronauts when they returned to Earth after the Apollo 11 moon landing? https://abcn.ws/2XRuvdp #Apollo11 #MoonLanding #ABCNews #BuzzAldrin #NeilArmstrong

President Trump: 30 Hours l Interview With George Stephanopoulos l ABC News Play all

WATCH THE FULL INTERVIEW SPECIAL: https://bit.ly/31D36PB Also available on Hulu: https://hulu.tv/2MQDBqA EXCLUSIVE: Top 5 takeaways of President Trump’s interview with George Stephanopoulos: https://abcn.ws/2WHQVNz Transcript: ABC News' George Stephanopoulos' exclusive interview with President Trump: https://abcn.ws/2XQbk4r 'I think I’d take it': In exclusive interview, Trump says he would listen if foreigners offered dirt on opponents https://abcn.ws/2IDsv2Z Trump reveals historic redesign of Air Force One: EXCLUSIVE https://abcn.ws/2X9BNgf Trump lashes out about being down in internal polls https://abcn.ws/2MM69Bq #ABCNews #Trump #Trump30Hours #TrumpInterview #Stephanopoulos #Politics

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WATCH NIGHTLINE EPISODES: https://abc.go.com/shows/nightline ALSO AVAILABLE ON HULU: https://hulu.tv/2wSmSrZ #Nightline #ABCNews Nightline is a 30 minute late-night news program currently airing weeknights on ABC at 12:35am | 1:35am ET. Hosts Juju Chang, Dan Harris and Byron Pitts bring you in-depth reporting on the major stories, hot topics, and the day’s breaking news. You can catch Nightline everynight just after Jimmy Kimmel Live! For more "Nightline" reports: https://abcnews.go.com/Nightline

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Tune into ABC World News Tonight with David Muir for unparalleled reporting. World News Tonight keeps the American public informed, up to date, and empowered by providing the latest information and analysis of major breaking news from around the country and the world. Check out the award winning team of reporters, correspondents, and producers of ABC World News Tonight at 6:30 | 5:30c.

20/20 Official Playlist - Season 41 (2018, 2019) l ABC News Play all

WATCH FULL EPISODES OF 20/20: ON ABC: https://bit.ly/2I7lecx ON HULU: https://hulu.tv/2XHutFU Visit 20/20 on ABCNews.com https://abcnews.go.com/2020

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In an explosive three-year investigation from “The Dropout” podcast, ABC News’ chief business, technology and economics correspondent, Rebecca Jarvis uncovers new details behind the rise and fall of Holmes and Theranos, including never-before-aired deposition tapes of Holmes, her partner Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani, her brother Christian, whistleblower Tyler Shultz and others. 'The Dropout' Podcast - Ep 1: https://abcn.ws/2AWxmcA 'The Dropout' Podcast - Ep 2: https://abcn.ws/2UtA8gr 'The Dropout' Podcast - Ep 3: https://abcn.ws/2DdipD4 'The Dropout' Podcast - Ep 4: https://abcn.ws/2IzQweC 'The Dropout' Podcast - Ep 5: https://abcn.ws/2ttspDN 'The Dropout' Podcast - Ep 6: https://abcn.ws/2SrX52h #Theranos #TheDropout #ElizabethHolmes #ABCNews