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BEST Pokemon Booster Box Openings! Play all

Opening the BEST Pokemon Booster Boxes from Pokemon TCG Base Set to the newest Pokemon Sun and Moon Booster Box Series. Vintage Pokemon Boxes such as Team Rocket, Gym Heroes and many more have been opened.

Pokemon Mystery Power Box Openings! Play all

Being the KING OF MYSTERY POWER BOXES! This is the official playlist of ALL my openings of Pokemon Mystery Power Boxes from Walmart and Toys R Us! Each Mystery Power Box comes with a chance to pull Vintage Pokemon Cards from the Pokemon Box! I have pulled old Pokemon Base Set Packs to 1st Edition Booster Packs from opening Random Pokemon Mystery Power Boxes! There have been different versions of the Pokemon Mystery Power Box and in this list you will see me open ALL types.

Vintage Pokemon Booster Packs Openings! Play all

Official list of ALL of Leonhart's Opening Vintage Pokemon Booster Packs! From the original Pokemon Base Set released back in 1999 to more modern series packs; enjoy the Pokemon nostalgia of very old booster packs being opened with some of the BEST Pokemon Cards pulls ever!

Pokemon Cards Where You At?! Official Series! Play all

Official playlist for all episodes of the Where You At?! Series where Leonhart is opening Pokemon Cards in PUBLIC Locations that YOU CHOOSE! From a POLICE STATION to A LIBRARY, you NEVER KNOW where Leonhart will open Pokemon Cards next! In every episode, all Pokemon Cards are also given away to lucky winners. Season 1 Leonhart opened Pokemon TCG Evolution packs to pull a Secret Rare Mega Charizard Full Art Card; Season 2 Leonhart opened Pokemon Sun and Moon Booster Packs to pull a Secret Rare Ultra Ball Card; Season 3 Leonhart opened Guardians Rising Sun and Moon Packs to pull a Double Colorless Energy; Season 4 Leonhart opens Sun and Moon Burning Shadow Packs to pull a Hyper Rare Charizard GX Card!

Vintage Pokemon Heaven! MUST SEE STORE Play all

Leonhart's trips to Vintage Pokemon Heaven! The MUST SEE Vintage Pokemon Card store that sales the BEST OLD Pokemon Packs! Take a trip back in time to visit this incredible Cards store that has sealed Pokemon Cards, Booster Boxes and 1st edition Packs from years ago!