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Toy Scientist Kid Videos w/ Addy & Maya Play all

Welcome to our silly Toy Scientist lab where Lucy creates the most amazing new toys with the help of her assistants Addy and Maya! In this pretend science center, we'll discover and create toys like Polly Pocket, Lil` Gleemerz, Pomsies, Shopkins and much more! Enjoy!

Toy Hotel Kid Videos Play all

Welcome to Lucy's Toy Hotel, where guests receive 5 star service and best of all...TOYS! Bellhop Jason and Chef Pierre join Addy and Maya and friends in this fun and silly kid's video series!

Toy School Videos w/ Addy and Maya Play all

A playlist of the popular Toy School kids videos from Tic Tac Toy! It's the end of Summer break and we're going back to school with Addy and Maya. But this is no ordinary school of learning, this is the pretend Toy School. Come along with them as our silly teacher, Miss Lucy, has a very unique style to her teaching methods.

Toy Doctor Kid Videos Play all

Addy and Maya are back! This time the girls need help from Dr. Lucy to heal all of their boo-boos. This super fun kid video series features the Tic Tac Toy family and their friends in a pretend doctor's office but instead of shots and yucky medicine, this doc prescribes toys. And not just any toy, these are the best toys of the season!