$255 Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme, Hardware Store Make-Up Challenge, & More! GMM #1279 Play all

We're debuting hardware store beauty hacks, cooking the fanciest Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme you've ever seen, and taking a trip through the crazy K-Pop music videos of boy band BTS, and more!

Rhett & Link's Buddy System - Season 2 Play all

In this particular universe (the one you live in if you're reading this), Rhett and Link are lifelong best friends who met in first grade and host a popular Internet show. But in a parallel universe (which just so happens to be the universe of Rhett & Link's Buddy System Season 2), that meeting never happened. Instead, they meet as adults, and Rhett is a self-absorbed hedonist while Link is alarmingly simple. Will they each be able to grow enough to form the “buddy system” their counterparts enjoy in this universe?

Whole Foods OR 99 Cents Store? Taste Test, Dumbest Celebrity Tweets, & More! GMM #1278 Play all

We try and guess which dishes are from Whole Foods or the 99 Cents store, Rhett eats some beans, we explore the world of stupid celebrity tweets of all time, and more!

100 Years Of Food Taste Test, Temper Tantrum Yoga, & More! GMM #1277 Play all

We time travel back in time to taste test decade's worth of popular dishes, we will be screaming and thrashing while doing tantrum yoga, we explore some of the weirdest subscription boxes in the world, and more!

Girl Scout Cookie Hacks, Movie Trailer Mashes, & More! GMM #1276 Play all

We're putting a spin on your favorite dishes with the help of Girl Scout Cookies, we mashed together two of this year's best films together, we try and guess which Olympic Village scandals happened, and more!

H3H3, Spin The Bottle, Marriage Proposals, & More! GMM #1275 Play all

H3H3's Ethan and Hila Klein joins us to make out with gross things, we bake a meat lasagna in front of a fan, we see if we can guess marriage proposal answers, and more!

Mystery Chocolate Treats Challenge, Valentine's Day Dog Dance-Off, & More! GMM #1274 Play all

We turn the table on your favorite chocolate treats, teach dogs a Lady and the Tramp-inspired trick, have the first Burbank Doggy Dance-Off, play a round of Dog Libs, and more!

Will It? | Good Mythical Morning Play all

From pizza to Hot Pockets, Rhett & Link dare to ask the question "Will it?"

Taste Tests! | Good Mythical Morning Play all

We've tasted some pretty strange things over the years, from love potions to the infamous Carolina Reaper pepper. Relive every one of those taste test with this "delicious" playlist!

Season 10 | Good Mythical Morning Play all

Season 10 of Rhett & Link's daily morning show features soup baths, creepy robots, Link's Dad, a 1000 episode celebration, and several appearances from the barf bucket.