What mystery fast food toy will we find? There could be anything in there! From McDonalds, Burger King, Wendys, Taco Bell, Sonic Drive In, Jollibee and more! Any of your favorites might be found, such as, Spider-man, Ironman,Wonder Woman, Looney Toons, Shrek, Scooby Doo, Hello Kitty, Nerf, Lego, Disney Toy Story, Pokemon, Teen Titans and so much more!

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Everyone knows the best part of blockbuster movies are the fun toys that come with it! Here at FastFoodToyReviews we have collected every toy from Hollywood’s best feature films from almost every decade. From American classics like Back to the Future, and the Lion King to modern day favorites like Minions, Jurassic World and Big Hero 6, we have gathered every fast food toy collection just for you. Remember the Simpson’s collection at Burger King from their feature film? How about the Pixar Movie collection from McDonald’s? Or what about the interlocking toys from the first Ice Age or Rugrats Movie? How about the multiple collections of Scooby-Doo and Shrek toys? Well those are just a few of the favorites we don’t want you to miss!

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Looking for the cutest and cuddliest fast food toys around? Well, here at FastFoodToyReviews we love our collection of girls collectables from fast food chains. We have collected the coolest sets of My Little Pony and exclusive Barbie collectables. Do you love the 90s? Well, we have the best collection of McDonald’s Beanie Babies and Care Bears to share with you. More of a modern toy girl? Well we have a great collection of Littlest Pet Shop and Ty Beanie Boos for you to check out. So make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss a single fast food surprise.

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Boys love their toys, and here at FastFoodToyReview we love our collection of boy’s fast food toys. We have traveled to every fast food restaurant in the galaxy to collect the coolest Transformers, Power Rangers, Ben 10 and every other superhero in between. Our exclusive collection of Marvel Comics heroes, like Iron Man, will impress any serious collector, but if you want to take play outside check out our series of Mattel race cars and nerf guns. You never know what you are gonna find here on FastFoodToyReviews!