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➢ Subscribe for more trucks cartoons for children: Tom the Tow Truck is a construction cartoon for children. Tom is not a simple tow truck, he helps all the cars and trucks in need. In his garage, he repares all kind of vehicles: fire truck, police car, ambulence, garbage truck, bus, any construction truck like bulldozer, tractor, evacuator, monster truck and any kind of transport, even a train! This cartoon for children about trucks is ideal for boys and girls who are interested in cars!

The bedtime stories of Lucy and her friends from 64 Zoo Lane Play all

Official 64 Zoo Lane channel: - Youtube: - Facebook: 64 ZOO LANE is a an animated TV series about Lucy and her friends the animals of the 64 Zoo Lane. Every episode is a organized like cute bedtime story in which she listens to the animals talk about their lives. LUCY is a 7 year old little girl, she is clever and curious. When her parents decide to move house, Lucy was both excited and scared of all those changes that she had to face. But, when she saw her new house, she changed her mind. Lucy lives at 64 Zoo Lane, right next door to the local zoo and she has some very unusual neighbours. They have horns, humps, fur, feathures, hoofs and claws... Indeed, her neighbours are animals from the Zoo. Every night from her bedroom window, Lucy slides down Georgina the big friendly Giraffe’s long neck to the zoo below to meet the animals. Each animal, including Boris the Bear, Giggles and Tickles the two monkeys, Molly the Hippo and Nelson the Elephant, have different stories to tell and each night they impatiently await their turn to tell her about their adventures. As seen on CBeebies, BBC, BBC WW, Disney Channel, ABC, TFO, TVO, RTE, etc.

Truck City and the construction site vehicles | Construction Games Play all

Construction trucks cartoon for children, Truck City is a construction game with trucks and constructions vehicules for kids. Assemble constructions vehicules and trucks: excavators, dump trucks, trains, cranes, tank trucks... to build an amusement park (or theme park) with slides, swimming pools and a merry-go-round.

Tom & Matt, the construction trucks ! Construction Cartoon in 3D Play all

If you like racing cars like Lightning McQueen from Disney Cars 2, trucks and vehicules adventures like Robocarpoli, Leo the truck, Paw Patrol or other trucks cartoons for children on YouTube as Coilbook or TuTiTU Tv, you will like this new truck cartoon for children !

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Subscribe to LOUIE: -- YOUTUBE : -- FACEBOOK : Louie is a educational pre-school animated TV series that teaches children how to draw! Every week, toddlers can discover full new episodes in HD of Louie and Yoko and practice their drawing and coloring skills. They will learn to draw animals, landscapes, a house or even a place. By talking directly to the children and giving them time to think and do things, Louie and Yoko encourage and actively engage the young viewers. The children become truly involved with the characters and are able to take part in all of their exciting adventures. The children are also stimulated to create the drawings from the series, at the same time as their heroes. What's more, with Louie, kids not only learn how to draw, but also understand the difference between round/square, cold/hot, fast/slow etc… In addition, after coloring their drawing, Louie takes them through the steps one more time. As seen on the BBC, Cbeebies, Nickelodeon Junior, ABC, Les Zouzous. " Have you ever dreamed of exploring an island or travelling to the moon? Or maybe you just want to hide from the rain or meet animals? Don't worry, Louie and Yoko are here! With them you will learn to draw many exciting things! Learn to draw a cat or a dog, a plane or a horse! Your imagination is the only limit!"

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Subscribe to MOUK for more episodes, every Wednesday ! -- on YOUTUBE : -- on FACEBOOK : Mouk is an animated series for young children about a little bear called Mouk who travels the world on his bike. This educational preschool show teaches kids and toddlers about diversity, cultures and the importance of keeping an open mind. It is based on Marc Boutavant’s beautiful book “Around the World with Mouk: a trail of adventure”. Mouk is a curious and adventurous little bear, who is accompanied by his best friend Chavapa. He loves getting on his bike to travel the world, visiting the most famous towns and capitals. In each episode, Mouk takes young TV viewers to new countries, to discover a local tradition, a geographic curiosity, a culinary speciality... From Tokyo to New York, from Australia to Madagascar and through Greece, Mouk and Chavapa meet inhabitants from all over the planet… and because nothing is never quite like home, the adventure is always knocking at their door! On this playful journey, children make discoveries along with Mouk: ice fishing in Canada, Holi Celebration in India, a wedding in Africa, the hatching of turtle eggs on a beach in Madagascar... The series is a real treasure hunt, which provokes children’s curiosity, resourcefulness and even a little mischief... Climb up behind their bike and discover with them this realistic, modern and colourful world. As seen on ABC, Kika, Karusel, Disney Channel. More episodes of Mouk and Chavapa here :